Girl Gone Viral Review

44148565Girl Gone Viral follows Katrina King, who was minding her own business in a cafe when a man walked up to her, asked to sit down and flirted with her. The encounter was captured and put on twitter which went viral. Due to her past Katrina is a very private person, so on the risk of being doxed she runs away to her long-time bodyguard Rav’s family home until everything blows over.

I liked Katrina, I found at times she could be just a tad too nice to people who don’t really deserve it. I wish we would have got more of a broader scope of what happened to her, especially with her father and when she got kidnapped. It was mostly alluded to and we got a bit of information but I wanted more. I also would of liked to find out more about her various business ventures and start-ups. How she grew her portfolio and made all of her money.

I really enjoyed Rav. I thought he contrasted Katrina very well and his love for her really grew over the years as opposed to being insta-lovey. It made sense that they would develop feelings for each other and the level of devotion he shows for her was very adorable. We definitely see him grow and evolve over the course of the story line, being able to communicate with his family how he feels and why he had to run away and work for Hardeep all those years ago.

One thing I appreciate about Alisha Rai’s books is that they are very diverse and have a plethora of representation included into the plot. Seeking out therapy or being honest with how you feel is portrayed in a very positive light in this book and being open and honest about your mental health and checking in on yourself was heavily featured.

I found myself highly entertained throughout the course of the book. The long drawn out aspect of the romance kept me highly engaged and anticipating every chapter. The familial aspects of the plot gave the book more depth and made me more attached to the characters. I honestly could of done with a little more romance and the ending was a little rushed, however, this was highly enjoyable and very cute!

⭐️4/5 stars A super cute, fast, easy read!

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