Fool Moon Review

91477Fool Moon is the second book in the Dresden Files; it takes place around 6 months after the first book finished. Harry’s relationship with Detective Murphy has been fractured and he has to gain back her trust, whilst in the middle of a murder investigation involving werewolves.

I liked the fact that Harry has remained pretty consistent throughout the series so far. He openly acknowledges his inadequacies and his fears and is actively trying to remedy them. His leap without looking characteristic is still very much prevalent and again keeps me highly entertained! I think his attitude towards woman can do with a little work but it’s nothing that outwardly offends me. I’m still highly intrigued with his background, especially since we are given just a little more information during the book, just enough to keep me engaged and wanting to know more!

I’m starting to see a pattern of Harry pushing himself to his breaking point, running out of magic or magical weapons and still being able to come back and save the day. Hopefully the narrative evolves a little more and we get a different structure as the series continues, as I can see myself getting a little bored of the predictability of it all.

Again, all of the characters in the book serve a purpose and even if they seem insignificant at the start can become quite integral in the end. We are introduced to a lot of new characters that was a little difficult to keep track of at the start, even towards the end I was struggling to remember who was who and which gang they belonged to.  Because the pacing is so fast we aren’t given a lot of time on character development, it’s pretty much just all about Harry and the couple of other regular characters in the plot.

As the time frame is so short and it was so action packed I was always entertained and eager to read on to see what would happen next. These books are also quite dark and macabre; Jim Butcher has no qualms about blood and gore and really goes into detail about the murders, which definitely raises the stakes! Harry is such an enigmatic character that has me willing to just enjoy all of the action and not really have to focus.

⭐️4/5 A thoroughly entertaining read!

2 thoughts on “Fool Moon Review

  1. Nice review! :). I agree, it was a little difficult to keep up with all the new characters. I loved learning about all the different types of wolves/shifters, but for me the violence was just a bit too gratuitous. Will you continue with the series?


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