Falling Kingdoms Review

12954620I had my misgiving about this book but once I got stuck in I was hooked!

Falling Kingdoms revolves around 4 individuals living in three separate kingdoms in the land of Mytica. As the rulers of each kingdom grapple for power, the lives of their subjects are brutally transformed.

I thought this was very well planned out and I like that each of the main characters interacted with each other earlier on in the plot. Usually when we have multiple perspectives in fantasy novels it takes forever for the protagonists to cross paths but with Falling Kingdoms they all interact with each other quite frequently from the start which I enjoyed.

I found Cleo to be a little naïve and spoilt at times! Right at the start of the book with the whole altercation between Aron and the Tomas soured her a little fore me. She could have stepped in a whole lot sooner and diffused the situation, especially since she had Theon with her. It didn’t have to escalate to that level and end in bloodshed, which was the catalyst for the whole war. Her stubbornness and pride resulted in a lot of situations that definitely could have been avoided.

I thought the way Jonas focused all of his anger and aggression on Cleo was a little unfair. Sure she just sat back and let it happen but Aron was the one who ultimately killed his brother, I just thought he should have been more focused on him. I did like however, that he was able to be talked out of his insane quest to assassinate Cleo and Aron and work with the chief on bring the whole country down instead.

Magnus’s whole plot-line with Lucia made me a little uncomfortable to be perfectly honest. The way he was feeling towards he even before he found out she was adopted was a little weird and I’m not sure how it’s going to play out for the rest of the series. I just thought there are so many other options for him to pursue. Other than that little indiscretion I actually quite enjoy his character. Stepping up and becoming the Prince of Blood and trying to live up to his father’s expectations is entertaining! I’m always drawn to the bad boys and every time he interacts with Cleo he just exudes those bad boy vibes!

Lucia hasn’t really made an impact on me yet. I know she is supposed to be this all powerful sorceress but I have yet to see her really get involved in what is happening outside of her immediate family. I thought she would play a bigger role because she is the first of her kind in like 1000 years but I’m guessing she is going to establish herself in the books to come!

I found the premise to be very unique and quite cut throat. Characters that I thought would be integral to the plot are killed off at will and that definitely kept the stakes at an all-time high.  This was a solid start to the series, and I am excited to continue on to see where it will progress next!

⭐️4/5 stars Great foundation for hopefully a great series!

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