Bunny Review

42815544This was a strange one!

Bunny is an urban fantasy/horror story revolving around a cult of girls in a prestigious writing college who all call each other Bunny. Samantha has always hated the Bunny’s but when she is invited to one of their parties she can’t help but be a little intrigued and decided to go.

I liked Samantha’s character, she felt genuine to me! She wasn’t a perfect, strong, empowered female protagonist that I am used to reading in fiction these days. She’s very judgmental and standoffish and kind of quirky which I enjoy. I like that she isn’t censored throughout the book and the language is on the more explicit side. Again it just adds a layer of authenticity and uniqueness.

The plot was highly original and to be honest a little hard to keep up with. Samantha has a tendency to go on tangents and I found during those times I would kind of skim through most of what she was saying. The whole scenario with the Bunnies was highly engaging to me though. I was definitely on the edge of my seat every time they were all together and I didn’t know what to expect each time!

The fantastical element I am kind of on the fence about. I’m not opposed to a little gore in my books, but I can see that would almost be polarizing to a lot of people, especially since there are quite a few scenes of animal abuse. In the context of the story it didn’t bother me at all, I just know it could be sensitive topic. The way that the actual ritual works to make these ‘bunnies’ wasn’t explained enough for me. I like rules and limitations in my fantasy and this one was really open to interpretation. Why are these four girls so special and why especially is Samantha able to make them better? I guess I just needed a bit more background information. How did these four girls come together and what made them decide to try these experiments? Are they so close because of the ritual or is it just how they are? Why didn’t they experiment on other animals, why just stick to bunnies? Is it because of their nickname?

I’m just left with a lot of questions and feel a little unfulfilled I guess.  

All in all I found it to be quite a fascinating read and definitely not like anything that I have read before. I kind of already want to reread it just to maybe let it sink in a bit more and I might be able to gel with it a bit better?

⭐️3/5 stars B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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