Settings I’d like to see more of

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is settings I would like to see more of in books and honestly that had me thinking for a minute. There isn’t really that many common themes when I thought about all the books I loved and where they were set, I did however, manage to think about 5 settings that I love to read about in books and would definitely love to see more of in the future!

Australia – I have just always wanted to read an urban fantasy book set in Australia! Sadly I don’t have any examples…

School – there is just something about a school setting that I absolutely love. Of course it stems from reading Harry Potter growing up but there have been various other books I’ve read in a school setting that I ended up loving! Examples include:


Offices – Office romances is one of my favourite tropes in the romance genre, so every time I come across one I usually always end up loving it! Examples include:


Space Stations – Space explorations isn’t one of my favourite genre though I’ve found I can appreciate a fantasy/sci-fi story based solely on a space station of some kind! Examples include:


On the high seas – Books with anything to do with the sea I more often than not love! Examples include:


9 thoughts on “Settings I’d like to see more of

  1. Offices were on someone else’s list this week, too! What a unique choice. I can see how they’d be a good place for all kinds of conflict.

    My TTT.


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