The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Review

51BhQZOH9zLGood not great!

This book follows a ragtag mixed species crew aboard a tunneling ship called the Wayfarer. They are given a contract to travel to a faraway planet that’s been recently added to the international treaty list and punch a wormhole back to more well-traveled airspace.

The characters were definitely interesting and intriguing. I loved all of the different species that are explored throughout the book, especially when it goes into details about their history and culture, seeing how different they are to humans.

Rosemary’s character was a little boring at the start. She kind of blended in behind all of the other dynamic characters aboard the Wayfarer. I wasn’t all that invested in her and I wasn’t really compelled to figure out what she was running from back on Mars. And when it was eventually brought to light, it wasn’t all that shocking to be honest.

I loved the relationship between Kizzy and Jenks! The banter between them and all of the kind of manic energy they brought to the storyline. Jenks’s subplot was highly interesting to me; him being in love with Lovey and then contemplating getting her a body and then when everything happens seeing him grieve and lean on his fellow crew mates and how they supported him throughout. It was very touching and really displayed the levels of companionship, love and respect they all have towards each other!

Unfortunately a good majority of the book bored me. All of the spacial/sciency talk didn’t do anything for me personally and kind stilted the pace of the book. It was only 400 pages but it felt like closer to 600 to me. I picked this book up and put it down several times during the month and really the only reason I managed to finish it was because it fit a challenge in the Reading Rush. There wasn’t really anything in the book that was driving me to pick it up and finish.

This was definitely more of a character driven story whereas I prefer a more blend of action and adventure with character development throughout.

⭐️3/5 stars I spaced out for most of the book…