The Kiss Quotient Review

81TaR7kzn7LThis was a random spur of the moment pick up and I was not disappointed!

The Kiss Quotient is about a thirty year old woman names Stella who is obsessed with her job as an economist. She comes up with algorithms that help predict future purchases for online shoppers. It’s recently come to her attention that she may be a bit under experienced in terms of relationships and sex so she hired a male escort to help her practice. 

Stella was a really relatable character I felt. I loved her arc over the course of the storyline, how eventually she wasn’t ashamed of her little flaws and her quirks and just accepted herself for who she is. I like how honest she was with Michael from the start and how she stood up for him and spoke her mind after her father grilled him.

I like the fact that Michael wasn’t just a one dimensional character. Even though he is an escort he had a backstory and familial problems that lend to why he is that profession currently. I also enjoyed the fact that he wanted to be a designer; it was a nice change from a lot of other male protagonists in these adult romances who are usually tradesmen or executives.

The relationship and how it progressed was definitely a little awkward and cringey at first but evolved and become something a little more believable in my opinion. A bit more graphic than what I originally thought it was going to be but I did still enjoy it nonetheless! I did love how the sexual tension built up between Stella and Michael and how accommodating he was of her. 

Overall I really enjoyed the read. I just needed a little romance in my life and this was exactly what I hoped it would be! I will definitely need to pick up The Bride Test by Helen Hoang soon and continue on my spree of adult romances!

⭐️4.5/5 the perfect amount of romance and drama to keep me entertained!

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