Sky in the Deep Review

*Some Spoilers*

34726469This was great!

Eelyn has been raised to be a warrior alongside her clansmen the Aska from the time she could walk. In the midst of an ancient feud with the Riki clan her life has been a brutal one. Fighting for survival, losing her mother and brother over the years all she has left is her father and her fighting mate Myra. That is until one day on the battlefield she sees the impossible, her brother she watched die 5 years ago.

The plot of the book was quite simple but I was so engaged and entertained that it was easily overlooked! It was fast paced, rich with lore and culture and I loved the Viking aspect I thought it was fresh and original, unlike anything I’ve read in a very long time.

I loved Eelyn’s arc over the course of the storyline. Unable to shed her warrior nature even when she is captured she is still trying to look for any and every opportunity to escape and return home. Seeing her struggle with her beliefs and preconceived notions about the Riki whilst she lives amongst them was a joy to read. Living with that deep rooted hatred all of her life and to see her brother accepted and one of them has shaken her to the core and thrown everything that she has ever known up in the air. I like that she adjusts her views slowly throughout the course of the book, rejecting everything at first because she is so hurt and angry and then slowly coming around and seeing how pointless all of the fighting is, especially when they have an even bigger enemy coming for them all.

The romance aspect felt right to me as well. It wasn’t pushed upon us too quickly and kind of happened organically. Some of the scenes between Eelyn and Fiske were so charged and almost electric and I thought it was perfect honestly. Again it’s that hate to love trope that gets me every time!!!

There were so many moving scenes in this book and I was super invested from the start. The hard-core fighting and tense impasse to the eventual peace in the end and how it all came together I really loved! I was so impressed that this is a debut novel and I will definitely be reading anything else that Adrienne Young comes out with!

⭐️5/5 stars 100% pure Viking awesomeness!