99 Percent Mine Review

36300625The Hating Game was my favourite book of last month and I knew I had to immediately pick up Sally Thorne’s latest release 99 Percent Mine and see how it compares. Granted I enjoyed the read immensely however it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

We follow the story of Darcy who has until recently been travelling the world. That is until her grandmother passed away and left Darcy and her twin brother Jamie her old run down cottage with the instructions to renovate and sell the property, dividing the profits between them. Darcy wants to keep the old charm of the house but her brother wants everything modern/up to date. World war 3 seems imminent until in walks Tom Valeska, their long-time friend and Darcy’s first crush that Jamie has contracted for the renovations.

The start of the book was a little jumbled and didn’t fully explain what was going on. The characters were kind of hazardly introduced and I didn’t know where the story was going. However, as the book progressed things became clear and more defined and I was easily able to follow along.

Darcy wasn’t a very likable character in my eyes. She was a little too crass and sure of herself and very blunt. It was entertaining the way she would just blurt out anything and everything that she was thinking but it I couldn’t really imagine anyone really speaking like that in real life so it kind of threw me off a bit. I did enjoy how we got a very in depth look into her life and why she acts the way she does and how she has this sort of false sense of confidence. I also found it strange that she never really acknowledged herself as being pretty, she describes herself as quite plain and boyish, but all of the workers can’t seem to keep their eyes off her and they all find her irresistible. Little things like that where I was like hmmm….

I did love how the sexual tension built up between Darcy and Tom though. She being so brazen and out there and Tom trying to keep things professional and proper. It was very entertaining and had me engaged throughout the course of the plot.

All in all still an enjoyable read. Didn’t quite enrapture me like the Hating Game did but I think it’s because I just love that hate to love trope so much!

⭐️4/5 Building site, old crush, sexual tension!

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