2019 Reading/Blogging Goals

I wanted to start off my year right and set a few goals for myself for 2019!

I want to continue blogging every weekday! I have been really enjoying my blogging journey and reading, writing and posting have become the norm for me now. In a way it’s helped me put a lot more structure into my time and sort of forced me to be more productive. I would like to grow my blog a bit more and produce even more fun, detailed, bookish content that you all will enjoy!

I would like to read more books that I actually interest me. I’ve made a bit of a habit of just buying and reading books because they are super hyped and popular even though the actual book doesn’t interest me. I could be a genre that I don’t usually read from or the premise doesn’t intrigue me but because everyone is talking/raving about it I still pick it up and read it anyway and I usually don’t enjoy it. I just think it’s a waste of time and I could be reading a book that I actually want to read.

I’ve set my Goodreads goal for 2019 at 100 books. Last year my goal was 70 books and I surpassed that with a few months left over so I thought I would extend it a little and see how I go. I usually read around 9-10 books every month so if I continue my progress throughout the year I should make it!

Find a balance between reading/blogging and life. I find that currently my life isn’t as balanced as what it should be. I tend to sacrifice my health and fitness to kind of sit around and read and blog. So for 2019 I would really like to find a way to balance out my life in a way that ensures I am healthy and happy.

The last goal I wish to set for myself this year is to just be happy. I think if I accomplish the rest of my goals it will make for a great year and that will definitely make me happy!

Happy Reading📚

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