Shatter Me Review

*A little bit spoilery*

y648It was a good start to the series.

This didn’t exactly blow me away as I read it, but I did find myself enjoying it anyways.
Shatter Me follows the story of Juliette who has an ability that she neither wants nor enjoys, she can kill people just by touching them. She is currently an inmate in an asylum because of an incident that occurred three years prior. She hasn’t seen or spoken to anyone in that time until a young man walks into the door of her cell, a new roommate.

I definitely feel that parts of the storyline was a little rushed and there wasn’t much depth to the plot. I can see the potential and hopefully the rest of the series builds upon this shallow foundation and we really get more scope for the world.

Juliette‘s character was a little confusing to me. For the first half of the book she’s timid and skittish and the second half she’s a lot more determined and spirited and kind of gutsy. That progression happened a little too quickly for me, I just think it could have been more gradual.

The same can be said for Juliette’s and Adam‘s relationship. It was kind of insta-lovey for me. I think for the most part it was just explained why they should be together and have feelings for each other instead of developing organically. I do still think that they are very cute though; I just wished it were more drawn out.

That being said I am intrigued by the concept. I do feel that there are so many directions the storyline can go from here. I want to know more about Warner and his backstory and everything about Omega Point. I kind of like this mix of dystopian with a bit of fantasy thrown in. I feel I might really come to love this series. I just hope there is more depth and substance in the rest of the books.

⭐️3/5 stars very quick read, I just need more!

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