The Darkest Minds Review

* No Spoilers*

61Wez2fWMIL._SX344_BO1,204,203,200_I liked it! Not what I was expecting but definitely captured my interests from the start.

This was a very well developed book! I enjoyed the pace, it was a little slower than what I would expect from this kind of a story but it still kept me interested and invested.

The Darkest Minds follows Ruby a 16 year old who is currently imprisoned in a government camp called Thurmond. When Ruby was 10 years old there was an outbreak called IAAN that killed most of the population of children. The ones who were fortunate enough to not succumb to that illness had somehow managed to evolve and develop powers. The government thought these children posed a threat so they rounded them all up into camps.

I’m kind of in two minds about Ruby. I thought her progression throughout the storyline was impressive. Being in the situation that she found herself in at such a young age, I thought she held herself together pretty well. At times you can definitely see some of her naivety on full display and she made some choices that kind of got on my nerves a little, but I felt her that made her character more real and honest.

Liam was so genuine and heartfelt; I really like him as a character. I thought he was a good buffer for Ruby as she is always so on guard and untrusting of the world and he really kind of breaks her out of her shell.

Chubs was another character that I highly enjoyed! Again I thought he was very authentic and candid. He was very straightforward with Ruby from the start and I appreciated the gradual build up of their friendship. I like that we see that he didn’t trust her and how she kind of had to prove herself to him before he really let his guard down.

I thought this was a strong start to the series. I felt it was more of a developmental novel that really laid down the foundations for the rest of the books. There was a lot of action, adventure and scheming going on that made for a highly entertaining read.

⭐️4/5 stars I have questions that need answering so I’m looking forward to Never Fade

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