Obsidio Review

*Some Spoilers Beware*

obsidio5What an ending.

There was once again so much political maneuvering and action sequences and heartache it was a wild ride from start to finish.

We pick up pretty much straight after Gemina finishes and the two separate populaces from the Hypatia and the Magellan are having a difficult time acclimating to their new ship the Mao as they proceed back towards Kerenza.

We are also introduced to another wonderfully written female protagonist in Asha and her old flame Rhys and how they reunite on the Kerenza colony of all places in the universe. He a BeiTech grunt and she one of the main rebels hoping to overthrow the soldiers and come out alive. Their backstory and how it’s woven together into the overall plot was awesome. I love that Asha is somewhat normal, she just an ordinary girl trying to keep alive and doing everything she can to make it through this harrowing situation. Rhys I really wasn’t attached to at the start, I found him to be a bit pretentious and I wasn’t interested in him at all, though he kind of made me come around though in the end. I really thought Asha had lost his support after the Duke so that came as a pleasant surprise and was the start of my thinking ‘ok maybe he’s not so bad’. The missing footage right when Asha told him about the Mao was a little bit of a tell for me but I was so swept away in the plot that I didn’t really take notice. I enjoyed the courtroom aspect of the story as well. I like that we get those flash-forwards to the future and it made me happy that BeiTech was being investigated and consequences could finally be laid. Aidan again was a little bit of an enigma for me. I liked his arc of the story and how he didn’t really grow but diminished in the story but was still such a critical component to the plot.

I 100% enjoyed my time reading all three of these books. I thought it was highly original, there were soooo many twists and turns and you could honestly not predict what was going to happen next. The characters were all so complex and beautifully written and were very distinguishable in the cacophony of the plot. The format of the series was super entertaining to read. The emails and the memos and the surveillance logs and chats were so much fun to dive into. It made for a very well rounded experience, for some aspects of the story it really made you feel like you were there with the characters going through everything with them. It was sensational!

I am so glad that I bought into the hype and purchased the Illuminae Files, I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

⭐️4.5/5 stars. A MUST Read!!

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