Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda Review

*Non Spoiler Review*

Oh Simon…

51YD0qrSr6L._SX328_BO1204203200_This book follows Simon a 16 year old boy who is gay but hasn’t told anyone yet. Another boy in his grade finds out and makes thinly veiled threats about outing him unless he sets him up with one of Simon’s best friends.

This was a very fast paced, fluffy, feel good kind of book. However, there was also an undercurrent of emotional turmoil and anguish. I thought it was very well written and really evoked the frustration and confusion that Simon was experiencing at the time.

I loved the dialogue and the conversations used in the book, I thought it was witty and humorous and kept me thoroughly entertained. The characters were very well thought out and there was a depth to all of them, they all served a purpose in the novel and really added layers to the narrative. I also enjoyed the pop culture references and the use of music to help evoke how Simon was feeling.

There were times when Simon kind of got on my nerves, just a little too self absorbed but I think we definitely see him grow and realise his flaws and work towards being a better person which I appreciated. I also loved how he came into himself towards the end of the book especially when he finally shows how comfortable he is in his sexuality.

I liked the mystery aspect that Becky Albertalli added with the emails between Simon and Blue. I think it really allowed Simon to open up and express himself and show the softer, true side of him that he doesn’t really show to the world. It also was a fun way for the reader to try and dig through the list of characters to try and figure out who Blue is.

I also thought Simon’s sisters were fantastic. They were really supportive of him throughout this transition period in Simon’s life and the fact that they didn’t treat him any differently after he came out and just accepted him for the person he is really showed how much they love and trust him.

All in I thought it was a great book; I actually finished it all in one sitting so it is a very quick read. I loved that we see this in Simon’s perspective as a young gay man and how difficult it is for him in today’s cyber society and in a social environment like school.

⭐️4/5 stars a fun, quick, important read! 

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