To Kill a Kingdom Review

*Spoiler Free*

“A princess must have her prince.”

th61RJURL9I loved it! This book was amazing. I loved the dual perspective of Lira and Elian. I thought they complemented each other perfectly, both ruthless and cunning yet still so endearing and likeable. To Kill a Kingdom was dark and atmospheric and really had me guessing at every stage.

To Kill a Kingdom follows Lira a siren that is the heir to the throne of the Sea Queen who rules over all of the sea and the creatures that live there. Lira disobeys her mother and is transformed into a human and banished to the surface with a mission to seize the heart of the infamous siren killer Elian and bring it back to her mother as an offering. Elian is a reluctant royal heir to the throne of Midas the most powerful of all the 100 kingdoms. He has charged himself with the quest to rid the earth of all the sirens and has set his sights on one siren in particular and he will stop at nothing to find her and kill her.

The premise of this book really called to me (lol) and the plot as a whole really captivated me and catapulted me into the world that Alexandra Christo created. I thought the establishment of the 100 kingdoms and the different lore and legends that each of the royal families have really expanded the world and enriched the storyline. I also loved the duality shown in both Lira and Elian and I thought that the way they both grew and progressed was well executed and refreshing. Elian’s relationship with the crew of the Saad was another element that I enjoyed. The banter and respect that was shown between the crew and their captain really brought out a softer side to Elian and revealed him as more trusting and warm. Lira and Miriam’s storyline was another feature in the novel that I enjoyed. Especially when we were exposed the backstory of how they became so close and how willing they were to sacrifice themselves in order to save each other after everything they have both been through was a compelling plot point.

There was intrigue, drama, secrets and surprises woven very intricately throughout the novel and it kept my curiosity piqued enough that I couldn’t put it down.

⭐️4/5 stars highly recommend it was great!