🌌Cosmere Catch Up-date🌌


I just finished my first reread of The Final Empire! There are soooo many little details in this book that I have forgotten over the years so I am really glad I decided to reread this series as a whole. I don’t really remember my reaction after finishing The Final Empire the first time so I don’t know if I like the book any more or less. Right now I feel like I really enjoyed this book I didn’t absolutely love it as much as I thought I did, which is probably just the nostalgia. It was just very dense with a lot of strategizing and hiding around until the very end which felt kind of rushed and chaotic. I loved relearning everything about Allomancy and the mistborn as well as Feruchemy. I just wish that Kelsier didn’t have to martyr himself in order for the Skaa to rise up. I know that he has struggled since Mare died and came to terms with the fact that maybe she didn’t betray him but I wish we still had the opportunity to get to know him more.

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