Come Closer Review


A recurrent, unidentifiable noise in her apartment. A memo to her boss that’s replaced by obscene insults. Amanda—a successful architect in a happy marriage—finds her life going off kilter by degrees. She starts smoking again, and one night for no reason, without even the knowledge that she’s doing it, she burns her husband with a cigarette. The new voice in Amanda’s head, the one that tells her to steal things and talk to strange men in bars, is strange and frightening, and Amanda struggles to wrest back control of her life. Is she possessed by a demon, or is she simply insane?

I thought this book was highly engaging and very entertaining. Amanda comes across as quite ordinary and bland at the start of the book and then we start to see the gradual descent into acceptance that she is definitely being possessed. I feel like she goes through all the different stages of grief before she is truly taken over and loses all control.

I liked how almost realistic this book was. Amanda tries to come up with all of these excuses and explanations as to why she’s blacking out or how she might just be crazy and there isn’t a demon inside her. Matthew prompting her to get help and her actually trying and seeking a way for her to get better.

I think it was the perfect length to tell this story and the pacing was just right. It started off quite slow and unassuming and then as the plot continues and all these horrific acts occur you really start to feel the panic and overall manic nature of her descent into possession.

⭐️3/5 stars This was intense!

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