Seasonal TBR Rejects

It’s Top Ten Tuesday time! This week is all about my seasonal TBR rejects. These are the books I’ve put on the last couple of seasonal TBR’s  that I still haven’t gotten to yet. I am definitely still interested in all of these titles so fingers crossed I get to them soon!


☀️ Summer TBR☀️


🌸 Spring TBR🌼


🍂 Autumn TBR🍂


22 thoughts on “Seasonal TBR Rejects

  1. I’ve not visited your blog before – I’m trying to find new ones this Tuesday. And I’m pleasantly surprised to see a collection of familiar books on your languishing TBR shelf!. I just recently added the Bennett trilogy to my TBR, it sounds fascinating. I read the Jade City trilogy and though it started slowly for me, I really settled into it and enjoyed it. I read the Novik series, but thought the first book was the best – I kinda lost interest by the end of the series. I’m not familiar with Kuang’s Dragon Republic, so I’ll check that one out since we seem to have similar interests. Good luck on whittling down your back list!
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

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