In My Dreams I Hold a Knife Review


A college reunion turns dark and deadly in this chilling and propulsive suspense novel about six friends, one unsolved murder, and the dark secrets they’ve been hiding from each other—and themselves—for a decade.

Jessica as I character I thought was very multi-faceted and interesting! She does come across as a bit unlikeable and her thought process was definitely different but seeing how everything unfolded from her perspective especially was very entertaining and kept me engaged in the narrative.

As for the rest of the characters it took me a little while to differentiate between them all at the start. They all seemed so similar and through Jessica’s perspective they were all kind of muddled together for a while. Eventually as the book progressed and we find out more and more about each of them and what secrets they have been hiding from their time in college it became a lot more easier to form a connection with them. I wasn’t overly fond of any of the characters to be perfectly honest but I knew each of them served a purpose.

Heather though we don’t really get that much interaction from in the past I feel. She is kind of just mentioned in passing a lot and the focus is so much more on Jessica and how she is feeling throughout her experience at Duquette and it really isn’t until the second half of the book that we see the levels of jealously Jessica holds towards her. I like the fact that we don’t really know what Heather’s intentions truly are, I mean she chose Jessica over her best friends and roommate after just meeting her and we see throughout the plot that she downplays a lot of her achievements and makes everything seem so effortless and easy when others are silently struggling.

The pacing of the book was perfect for me and the switch between the timelines was seamless and made the story flow smoothly. There was a gradual build up of tension between all of the characters and it was fun to kind of pick apart all of their actions and see who is truly behind the murder. It did seem quite obvious who the killer was butt here were so many twists and revelations throughout that it would be easy to overlook. And that ending scene was crazy!

⭐️5/5 stars This was a suspenseful, twisty, haunting and graphic thriller!

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