Readers Also Enjoy

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Books to Read If You Love/Loved Xย  and I am honestly quite hopeless at coming up with comparable reads for people so I figured I would jump over to Goodreads and see what they recommend for the last 10 books that I read! On the desktop version of Goodreads there is a little tab called ‘Readers also enjoyed’ that pops up when you click on a book and I thought I would list the first book that comes up in that list for my last 10 reads.

the dead a

I read & readers also enjoyed:











17 thoughts on “Readers Also Enjoy

  1. Oh, that’s such a clever idea! In my experience, Goodreads’ “readers also liked…” recs are often…not the best in terms of matching, but the first one’s usually okay, and that almost makes this topic idea more fun. It looks like you were able to get some genuinely good matches; I’m jealous!

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