No Exit Review


This was a wild ride!

No Exit is about a college student named Darby who is on her way back home to visit her mother who is dying from cancer. On the road she is caught in a snow storm and is forced to take refuge at a remote truck stop, where she finds a young girl who has been kidnapped in the back of one of the cars owned by someone else who has been forced off the road by the weather.

I really liked Darby as our main protagonist. I thought she was portrayed realistically and reacted I think within reason throughout the course of the plot line. She was under and incredible amount of stress after she found Jay and I couldn’t even imagine what that would of felt like. I found in a few reviews people questioned her decision making, but honestly I thought given her state of mind before even entering that situation I could overlook that and just enjoy the story.

I am not really an avid mystery/thriller reader so I am usually surprised with everything I read as I have never come across a lot of these tropes before and that is the same for this book. I definitely had my predictions the whole time I was reading this book and I was 100% wrong most of the time, which definitely kept me engaged and entertained. 

I liked that even though it was mostly written from Darby’s perspective but we are given a few chapters from the other characters as well. I felt like it gave the book a lot of depth and gave us more of an insight to what these others characters were thinking and their motivations behind their choices as well.

The pacing of the book was perfect, it was a slow start to establish the scene and then after the main twist when Darby discovers Ashley’s treachery it was just action right up until the end.

⭐️4/5 stars This had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

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