The Hate U Give Review

32075671._SY475_The Hate U Give revolves around 16 year old Starr who witnesses a fatal shooting of her close friend at the hands of a policeman.

Sometimes when I’m reading YA a lot of the female protagonists either read a lot younger than what they are supposed to be or come across a lot more mature. Starr however, feels very realistic. She is resilient, authentic, and embraces all the adversity she has had to face. I liked how we see her continually struggling to define who she really is, and learning accept her ‘hood side’ and allowing those two worlds to coincide.

I also loved the family dynamic in the story as well. They are all so committed to each other and always have each other’s backs! Starr and her siblings fight all the time yet they will not hesitate to jump in if they ever need help. Her parents fight all the time yet there is always that underlying love that connects them and their willingness to do absolutely anything for their children.

I liked the fact that Angie Thomas added Hailey’s character into the mix because these sorts of people exist in the world and their casual racism most often goes unnoticed and unchecked. As a person of color I very much related to what Starr had to deal with having a person like Hailey as your supposed best friend. The offhand remarks and unapologetic nature needs to be challenged in society and I am glad that Starr chose to stick up for herself and not allow her back into her life.

This was a fast paced, impactful book that challenges your thoughts and perception of the world and highlights racism, police brutality, discrimination, and prejudice that the black community has to deal with. It wasn’t a particularly entertaining book to read and I wouldn’t necessarily say I loved it… I would however highly recommend this book; it will definitely leave an impression on you!

⭐️4/5 stars If you can, read this book!

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