Wilder Girls Review

*Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers*


Wilder Girls follows the perspective of two girls Hetty and Byatt who are best friends attending a boarding school in the middle of Raxter Island off the coast of Maine where around 18 months ago the Tox took over the island and started to mutate everyone; their bodies becoming sick and foreign, with things bursting out of them, bits missing. When Byatt suddenly goes missing Hetty will stop at nothing to find her and as she digs she starts to uncover secrets and discover truths that were being kept hidden.

I didn’t really find any of these characters particularly likeable, but in this context I didn’t think any of them needed to be. Hetty had her moments but overall I didn’t really gel with her character. I thought she was a little contradictory at times. She wouldn’t give Reese a chance to grieve after seeing her father killed in front of her and then when she found Byatt and it seemed like she was dead she refused to leave her. I found her a little selfish and unfeeling but it really worked for the storyline if that makes sense. These girls are only 16 and are having to make decisions that are well above their level of maturity.

With Byatt I just didn’t really form enough of a connection with her character. I think because she was taken quite early in the plot and was out of it really for the most part of the rest of the storyline I wasn’t all that invested in her personally. I was intrigued to find where they had taken her and if she was able to figure out what the Tox is and if they could be cured and that was about it. 

I thought this concept was super original and highly engaging. I was definitely drawn into the storyline right from the start and was eager to read and see what would unfold. I was definitely more interested in the overall plot and trying to figure out who was behind Byatt’s disappearance and where they were taking her, whether or not the Tox could be cured and how they are going to make it out alive as opposed to the actual characters themselves. 

⭐️4/5 stars Super atmospheric, eerie and a little savage!

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