πŸ“š Book vs. Movie πŸŽ₯

This month I thought I would do a little throw back to The Help.

I watched the movie first back in 2011 when it was released and then when I found out it was actually based off a book I decided to pick it up and see how it compares. It’s now been a good 3-4 years since I’ve read/watched The Help and when I saw the challenge in the Reading Rush to read a book and watch the movie adaptation I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give The Help another look!

These were my thoughts on The Help:

Pros: The book was highly engaging from the start. I loved the contrast between Skeeter and Aibileen. Skeeter so eager for change and willing to risk anything to get this book done and spark a difference in the world. Risks that Aibileen and the other maids weren’t prepared to take at the start and making Skeeter aware of everything that they have to lose. This was one movie where I thought they got the casting perfectly! Mostly when I read a book and then watch the movie/TV adaptation the actors and actresses aren’t what I imagined at all and it throws me off the whole movie. This isn’t the case with The Help. I loved everyone and I thought they all portrayed their respective character so well!

Cons: The only real con I have about this adaptation is that they tweaked the storyline with what happened with Constantine. Making her daughter black instead of white and how everything went down at the DAR meeting. I definitely preferred the way it played out in the books compared to the movie, it just made more sense and had a lot more of an impact!

Overall thoughts: I thought this was a fantastic adaptation! The characters were portrayed perfectly and there wasn’t a lot of content from the book that was cut out in the movie.

My Recommendation: Honestly either, I loved them both!


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