5 Favourite Bookish Friendships

These are some of my favourite friendships that I have read in some of my favourite books!

Harry, Ron and Hermione – The moment that I think of friendships in books this iconic trio pops into my mind first! They are just so wonderfully supportive and in sync with each other, but are not completely devoid of drama and turmoil between them. They are able to overcome so much in their journey throughout the series and this is definitely a friendship you can look up to!

6358687438948837351524740332_harry potter

Eugenides and the Queen of Eddis – I love the rapport that these two share with each other. It is very relaxed and familiar even when they are in high stakes situations. Gen especially has a deep loyalty to Queen Eddis and will do anything for her, and the Queen will only use her power over Gen when he is being especially stubborn and only for his own sake. There is a shared respect between them and it was refreshing to read.


Kaz and his Crows – I love a rag tag group of individuals who would otherwise not even like or talk to each other that just comes together and works! The respect that Kaz has had to earn on the streets and how he worked his way up the Crows is quite entertaining to read. I love how he brought everyone together and he could see their potential and make them all feel powerful!


Blue and the Boys – Even though Gansey is the leader I still love that when they met Blue she so easily merged into this group. Their camaraderie and loyalty towards each other is wonderful to read. And I love the fact that even though Gansey is the one with the vision they will just accept his conclusions and continue on their way because they trust him so much.


Iseult and Safi – I absolutely love this duo! I started this series a few months ago now and I actually have the last two books on this month’s TBR so I will be definitely finishing off this series in the very near future! I think it’s their loyalty towards each other that I love the most. That and their willingness to forgo their own safety in order to help the other… true companionship and friendship!


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