Leah on the Offbeat Review

9780241331057I actually really enjoyed this. I think it was fact that this kind of just a continuation of the storyline from Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda we just get a different fresh perspective.

Leah is bisexual, she has told her mother but none of her friends or peers knows just yet. She has gone back and forth with herself about finally coming out especially since Simon was outed last year. She is very set in her ways but being a senior and having the year coming to a close change is going to forced upon her whether she wants it or not!

Leah is just a super fun relatable character. She’s very self aware and not afraid to speak her mind which I really enjoyed about her. If she thinks someone has said or done something wrong she will speak up and state the facts which not a lot of people would do nowadays so I thought that was commendable. I didn’t really like how she was kind of playing with Wesley’s emotions towards the end of the book though. She didn’t really have that conversation with him that she just wanted to be friends and wasn’t interested in a relationship with him. I just thought that was a little sucky of her to lead him on when she knew he liked her.

Abby kind of got me nerves in this book. I really thought she was playing games with Leah and leading her on subconsciously. I guess I just didn’t like her as much because she was kind of portrayed as being so likeable if that makes sense. I enjoyed Simon a lot more in this book than I did in the last book. I think because he has truly accepted himself and he is just living his best life with his boyfriend and his friends. I kind of have a soft spot for him because he had such a hard time being outed and blackmailed and everything that happened to him, so seeing him so happy and in love was gratifying to read.

Leah’s mum was fantastic I loved her. I thought the relationship she has with Leah is very special. She wants to be apart of her daughter’s life and works super hard to provide for the both of them. She is so supportive and accepting of Leah, which I loved reading as well. It just shows how much she loves her daughter for who she is not based on her sexual preferences.

Again the dialogue and conversations that occur throughout the course of this book is so witty and fun and kept me highly entertained. This was a very quick, easy read but also delved into some pretty heavy themes that added another layer to the plot.

⭐️4/5 stars great companion novel to Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda if you loved that book you will love this even more!

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