Queen of Air and Darkness Review

*Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers*

81GINBuWPOLThis was absolutely amazing!

This is going to be really hard to write all of my feelings down for because there was so much going on in this book all at once it seems. The pace was constantly fast and there was always something hovering over all of them that kept the stakes high throughout the course of the book.

Julian and Emma were the stars of this book I found. Their struggle with the parabatai curse and having to hold back their emotions or even cut them off all together in Julian’s case was heart wrenching. I really didn’t envision a solution for them, I truly thought that we would get an ending where they wouldn’t be able to be together or they would be exiled away from their families. The way that Cassandra Clare was able to navigate around that was very smooth.

Ty and Kit were probably one of my favourite sub plots of the book. Their relationship and how it evolved after Livvy’s death was wonderful to read. Ty having this advantageous plan that could reap some serious consequences on the universe and Kit knowing they shouldn’t go through with it but allows it because he knows how much this means to Ty. Then right when Ty is about to go through with it Kit finally speaks up…uh I loved it so much!

I was definitely intrigued by Kit and how much everyone seemed to be invested in him. Tessa and Gem always popping up to see how he was and making Emma swear to watch over him and keep him safe. Then having Jace come in and sort of mentoring him and being kind of like an older brother I thought was very touching. There was one scene in particular when Kit asks Jace for a weapon of his own and the exchange they had after was just the cutest!

The whole clave aspect of the Shadowhunter world was always something that I didn’t enjoy. I found that when they convened the Shadowhunters were always very selfish and prejudiced. Save for the few who actually care about the downworlders and live side by side with them the majority don’t care and are susceptible to the vitriol that the cohort would spew once they sprang up. Finally seeing a change and growth from the clave and the Shadowhunters as a whole towards the end of the book was satisfying!

The ending was another aspect I didn’t quite enjoy of the book. The fact that the majority of the Shadowhunters just acquiesced to their demands was unfulfilling in my eyes. I know that for the majority of the time they aren’t living in Idris, but that is their ancestral home and the fact they would just let it go without some form of a fight was kind of strange.

That being said I was still very much in love with this book. The few little flaws that I picked up along the way were definitely outweighed by the sheer mass of the plot and characters and world. It was so full of intense action, emotional turmoil, grief and love. It is again everything I love about a fantasy series.

⭐️5/5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This is a wonderful series that any fantasy/non fantasy lover will enjoy!