Archenemies Review

35425827My expectations have been surpassed!

Archenemies continues a few weeks after Renegades ended. Nova has been given the task by Ace to secure his helmet and to get even closer to the adopted son of the Dread Warden and Captain Chromium in Adrian. But is she really just pretending anymore or are her feelings and loyalties starting to shift?

Everything about this novel was phenomenal. The pacing is done so well and the build-up of anticipation throughout the course of the story was fantastic.

Nova has once again proven how much of an awesome female protagonist she is! I love that after the announcement of Agent N, she lets her feeling be known to the whole organisation. She is still advocating for the rights of prodigies in a positive way without destruction and mayhem like her uncle. Being infiltrated within the Renegades has allowed her this position to instil her thoughts and opinions into a chosen few who may be able to make a difference. I enjoyed the internal struggle she has to deal with on a day to day basis. Being accepted and looked up to from the Renegades and seeing the potential but also having the other Anarchists on her back making sure she stays true to their course.

Adrian is such a wholesome character that you really want to barrack for. He is so endearing and charismatic especially after he works everything out with the Vitality Charm and how he finally gets to act as the overbearing older brother to Max. That scene where he gets emotional just be being able to put his arms around Max’s shoulders was so moving, something so small and innocuous that we would take for granted has become so much bigger because they’ve never been able to do that before. I love the relationship that Liam shares with Max and we really see the scope of it at the end of the book.

A lot of the minor characters really played a bigger role in this book. Having Dana kind of see through Nova and start to not to trust her was an interesting development. Now every time Nova spots a butterfly she has to kind of stop and wonder if it’s Monarch. I also enjoyed seeing the relationship of Ollie and Ruby grow. When Ollie grabbed Nova for a dance to ask for dating tips was incredibly cute!

All in all I absolutely loved this book. I was immediately sucked back into this world that Marissa Meyer masterfully created and I was highly entertained for mostly all of it. The overall grand scheme really sets up the books for a massive ending and I cannot wait for it to come out so I can continue on.

⭐️4.5/5 stars plots and schemes, love and loss, hidden agendas, amazing characters!