Tower of Dawn Review

*Spoilers Ahead*

Oh my goodness, I am blown away. The intricacies in the storylines and how they have been woven together throughout the whole Throne of Glass series is simply masterful. I don’t know why I hesitated so long before picking up Tower of Dawn as it is simply 9781408887974amazing.

Tower of Dawn follows the story of Chaol and Nesryn as they arrive in Antica to forge an alliance with the Khagan the most powerful ruler in the Southern Continent and to visit the legendary Torre Cosme to heal Chaol from the wounds he received in Rifthold.

The complexity of this book really surprised me. I didn’t realize all that was be gained by Chaol and Nesryn whilst in Antica. I honestly thought it would just be more focused on the political intrigue that the Khagan and his children brought forth as the main plot point of the story. Sure it delved a little deeper into the dynamics of this incredibly powerful family and we learnt a lot more about them but the main focus was really the character growth that we witness throughout the course of the book, in particular Chaol, Yrene and Nesryn.

Chaol is wounded, he’s grief stricken, and guilt ridden and strong beyond measure, watching his character grow throughout the course of this book was spectacular. His narrative is so intimate as we watch him overcome his personal demons as he fights off the demons that have latched on inside of him in his wound. The transition from the man he is when he is wheeled off that boat by Nesryn to the man who walked aboard the vessel to sail back to Erilea with Yrene by his side was so well thought out, genuine and heartfelt. I loved him as a character and I have definitely been swayed, as he wasn’t really a favourite of mine in the rest of the series.

I thought Yrene was also a delight to read. Her strength and resilience in the face of danger is really something to be commended. We see her grow from being timid, yet quietly assertive to being the commanding, powerful tenacious woman that she is meant to be. Seeing the slow build up of their romance through the course of the book was also great. It wasn’t rushed at all and we could really feel the genuineness of the relationship spilling out through the pages.

Nesryn was kind of in the background for the first half of the story for me. I had inklings about her and Sartaq from the first night he followed her to the Torres Tower and I thought he was a good match for her. She is so used to being disciplined and in control and he really counteracted all of that as the carefree, cocky prince. I enjoyed seeing their relationship build and seeing Sartaq’s backstory unfold at Altun and their adventures and discoveries they found during their time there and how it drew them together was worth the read.

This story was full of adventure, heartaches, plotting and revelations and it had my heart pounding the whole time. It was thrilling to read, and seeing the plot points all align together from the last six books in this series was expert. I applaud Sarah J Maas and I am eagerly anticipating the next book in the series later this year!

⭐️5/5 stars nothing more to say!

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