Ever the Brave Review

33413892Ever the Brave is the sequel to Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill. If you haven’t read Ever the Hunted I would suggest you go read that first before reading this review as you may be a little spoiled.

Ever the Brave continues straight on in the narrative after Britta has saved King Aodren with her new found channelling powers. Britta’s content to just live a peaceful life in her father’s cottage that was gifted to her by the king, but unfortunately the link that she now shares with the king after saving him has pulled her into the political machinations of the kingdom and he’s now insisting she becomes a noble lady no matter how much she resists. Along with somehow learning how to control her powers, and resist those who are looking to use them for evil without Cohen’s help as he is off in Norta trying to hunt down the rogue channeller who has possessed the king.

I enjoyed the pace of this novel. It picked up straight after Ever the Hunted left off and continued running. I didn’t particularly like the love triangle that was going on throughout most of the book. I think it just came across a little to forced for me…although it was played off nicely and I enjoyed how it came around in the end. Britta was really a force to be reckoned with in this book. From who she was in the first novel to the strong, independent, powerful young lady she ends up being is very empowering and I thought that was a good representation of a proper character arc for her.

All in all I thought it was solid ending, though it wasn’t my absolute favourite fantasy series out there but I really enjoyed the plot, the characters were very varied and entertaining and the magic system was interesting and different to anything I’ve read recently.

⭐️4/5 stars would recommend for all those fantasy YA lovers out there!

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