The Thief Review

*Non Spoiler Review*

448873This story follows Gen a thief who has professed he can steal anything. These claims have eventually caused him to be imprisoned and reluctantly released by the King who has sent him on a journey to steal an invaluable hidden treasure from a neighbouring kingdom.

I absolutely flew through this book in one sitting. I thought the story as a whole was cleverly constructed and was very unpredictable. I loved the historical aspects that the author included with the many mythical legends and stories that was shared around the fire between Gen and his captors. However, I found it started off a little bit slow for me and I didn’t find myself really invested into the story until I got around the 100 page mark. I found after I passed that stage in the story the pace really started to move a lot quicker and really captured my attention. The setting is highly detailed and it’s filled with a core group of complex characters. I loved Gen, I felt his dry humour and wit really captivated me from the beginning and I definitely want to continue on in the series to see what adventures and predicaments he gets himself caught up in next!

⭐️4/5 stars and would definitely recommend!

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