5 Books I Want to Read in 2022 Wrap Up

Back in January I picked 5 books that are high on my TBR that I try to prioritise and read and now that it’s the end of the year it’s time to wrap up and see how I did. I completed 3 out of the 5 that I had picked which honestly I’m ok about. I am still interested in reading Dune but not really interested in The Once and Future Witches anymore. 

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I enjoyed the fact that there is the overarching mystery surrounding the girls murdered and I found the way Camille uncovered it to be entertaining for sure. The way the plot unravels and we start to have more a clear picture as to who the murderer was very intriguing. I had my suspicions from the start and the misdirect was a great touch but I was eventually correct.

My Rating:  ⭐️3/5 stars

All’s Well by Mona Awad

I think what I didn’t really enjoy about the book was that there was no explanation. How the three men gave her the powers and healed her of her pain and how she was able to transfer it to the others. Did she suck out their energy and vitality and used that to heal herself or did she just give them her pain. At the end of my read I’m still left with questions and I’m just not feeling satisfied.

My Rating:  ⭐️2/5 stars

Comfort Me With Apples by Catherynne M. Valente

I was expecting it to be more sinister in tone but I liked the fact that Sophia was so naïve and unassuming for a good majority of the book despite some horrific things happening around her. The slow build up of anticipation and the clarity that Sophia gains was entertaining but overall I was a little underwhelmed by this book.

My Rating:  ⭐️3/5 stars


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