✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I finally finished my reread of King of Scars and I am a bit ambivalent to be honest. I don’t know if it’s because I am in the midst of a reading slump or this duology just isn’t my cup of tea. Nikolai has never been a favourite character of mine and being that the majority of the book surrounds him and the political plight he is having to pull Ravka out of just isn’t gelling with me. I liked that we got more of an in depth look into Zoya’s character and the reasoning behind some of her decisions from the Shadow and Bone series. The second time around I can see the rumblings of a romance between her and Nikolai that I thought was just fun banter the first time I read this and I kind of don’t want that to eventuate but we shall see. I loved Nina’s character from the Six of Crows duology and her perspective really got me through this book. I was intrigued, the stakes were high and I liked the introduction of Hanne and the surprise twist of who her father is. My rating has definitely gone down from the first time I read this book, I think I rated it a 4 but I’m more inclined to a 2.5 though I might round it up to 3 for nostalgia purposes. This was my last reread of the Grishaverse, I haven’t read Rule of Wolves before and I am so excited to see how this book wraps up this duology and the universe as a whole.

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