A Conspiracy of Kings Review

vhjEntertaining but not my favourite.

We follow a new perspective of Sophos the heir to the throne of Sounis, who has been kidnapped and forced to work as a slave in the households of one of the Baron’s of his country. He finds out the King has died and he is now the unwilling King of Sounis. Forced by a harsh civil war Sophos and the Magnus make their way to Attolia and his once good friend Gen to try and broker some form of an alliance.

I found the plot to be very up and down in pace. There were definitely some entertaining and engaging scenes but they were a little too sparse throughout the novel.

Sophos is a very likeable character. I found his arc to be quite enjoyable throughout the course of the storyline. I feel like he went through some very tough and harsh experiences in the book but he never really gave up or threw in the towel. He is very much committed to his country and the cessation of the war that has overtaken it.

The Magnus was a character that I enjoyed a lot in this story. He is fiercely loyal to Sophos and to Sounis and always has his back. He will lecture the king when necessary but always gives him good council and will let him make all the decisions in the end. He never tries to sway him one way or another he is quite impartial and takes his role seriously which made me like him more.

I was just a little lacking in ‘oomph’. There weren’t really any scenes that gave me any overwhelming emotional response. There were a few twists and turns thrown into the storyline but they were a bit too few and far between for my liking. It kind of just felt like the political side of the story took over and the adventure and schemes took a bit of a back seat. I was waiting for the bit major twist that was going to really shock me and have me engaged back into the plot but it just didn’t really happen for me.

It was still a solid book and I was entertained throughout the course of the story, but again it didn’t overwhelm me with feeling.

⭐️3/5 stars not bad but not my favourite in this series