Never Fade Update

I am a little under half way through Never Fade and to be quite honest I’m having a hard time staying invested in the storyline. It’s a little too slow paced for my liking … I’m nearly half way through and not a whole lot has happened. There is tons of information in regards to the Children’s League and behind the scenes but it’s a lot more political and strategic at the moment and I’m not as entertained as I thought I would be. Hopefully the second half of the book picks up the pace and becomes more lively and gripping which I’m lacking. I will continue reading as I’m still intrigued with the concept of the book and I still have high hopes for this series!

Happy Reading📚

They Both Die at the End

IMG_2067I’ve been hearing about this book a lot over the last year or so and because I’m not really focused on reading a lot of contemporary books I never really gave it much thought. But I figure I need to broaden my horizons out of fantasy and give some other genres a go and see how I like them. So I guess since They Both Die at the End is so popular I would pick it up and give it a read. I also haven’t read any of Adam Silvera’s books either so I’m afraid I am woefully behind the times. It’s also quite refreshing I find to read something so completely different to anything I’ve been reading lately and it sort of clears my mind and refocuses my attention. I don’t really know what happens in this book but by the title I can kind of guess lol.

Happy Reading📚

Shatter Me Review

*A little bit spoilery*

y648It was a good start to the series.

This didn’t exactly blow me away as I read it, but I did find myself enjoying it anyways.
Shatter Me follows the story of Juliette who has an ability that she neither wants nor enjoys, she can kill people just by touching them. She is currently an inmate in an asylum because of an incident that occurred three years prior. She hasn’t seen or spoken to anyone in that time until a young man walks into the door of her cell, a new roommate.

I definitely feel that parts of the storyline was a little rushed and there wasn’t much depth to the plot. I can see the potential and hopefully the rest of the series builds upon this shallow foundation and we really get more scope for the world.

Juliette‘s character was a little confusing to me. For the first half of the book she’s timid and skittish and the second half she’s a lot more determined and spirited and kind of gutsy. That progression happened a little too quickly for me, I just think it could have been more gradual.

The same can be said for Juliette’s and Adam‘s relationship. It was kind of insta-lovey for me. I think for the most part it was just explained why they should be together and have feelings for each other instead of developing organically. I do still think that they are very cute though; I just wished it were more drawn out.

That being said I am intrigued by the concept. I do feel that there are so many directions the storyline can go from here. I want to know more about Warner and his backstory and everything about Omega Point. I kind of like this mix of dystopian with a bit of fantasy thrown in. I feel I might really come to love this series. I just hope there is more depth and substance in the rest of the books.

⭐️3/5 stars very quick read, I just need more!

Kingdom of Ash Review


33590260Legit, I did shed a tear or two.

We’ve finally come to the conclusion of this epic series that I only read at the start of this year. I am very fortunate that I didn’t have to wait long before this book was released and I was not disappointed! I know there are a lot of people who love to hate this series, but I just enjoyed it for what it was. I didn’t really read too much into the nuances and take everything literally; I really just enjoyed the characters, the magic system and the schemes and fierceness of the storyline.

This book was very plot heavy with multiple scenarios being played out simultaneously throughout the book. I liked the different povs we read, I thought it helped to distinguish the characters, as it has been a couple months since I’ve delved into the series so some of the characters were a little fuzzy for me.
I like the way that the differing scenes played off each other and we never really get a distinct timeline of when these events are all happening. It made everything a lot more mysterious and made the stakes at the end there way higher.

Aelin was such a star of the books. She’s really the reason that I continued to read these books as I was just enraptured by her. She’s strong, manipulative, calculating, cunning, loyal and still so much more than that. Her willingness to do anything at all even give her own life to ensure that Terrason survives after this war is so noble and really made her more likeable and relatable to me, as she can come across as unlikeable at times. All of her plots and never-ending schemes kept me highly entertained and nearly always caught me by surprise.

Another strong female antagonist that I really didn’t enjoy in the other books but really shone through for me in Kingdom of Ash was Manon. Her brash, harsh nature and how she eventually evolved into the queen she now is was really wonderful to read. I found her arc to be so fulfilling and yet still so heartbreaking. Her loyalty to her clan and the Thirteen and how she mourned after their sacrifice really touched me. I liked how her relationship with Dorian developed quite naturally, first hating each other, using each other for the closeness and eventually having that grow into true feelings was so gratifying for me. I also enjoyed that show of mutual respect at the end between her and Aelin, acknowledging the weight that they both now hold as Queens. A lot of the more pivotal moments for me happened with the witches actually. When Manon was crowned Queen of the Cochran’s, having all the Cochran witches show up right before the battle at Orynth, the sacrifice of the Thirteen and how Manon reacted and when they found out the curse was finally broken.

I won’t go too far into details, as there was soo much happening all at once. The battle scenes, the political intrigue, the backstories that we are finally made aware of. Everything just wove together perfectly in my opinion and just as it should be. I thought it was a just ending that these characters deserved. Definitely not flawless and pristine but well deserved I think!

⭐️5/5 really loved this series and this finale was beautiful!

Kingdom of Ash Update

I am currently on page 639 of Kingdom of Ash and I am loving it so far!! There is a whole lot going on at the moment. The storyline picks up pretty g straight after Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn finish up. Its pretty dense and plot heavy but I’m still finding it to be a pretty quick read. Probably going to be finishing it very soon so I’ll definitely be getting back to you with a review when I’m done!