A Conspiracy of Kings Review

vhjEntertaining but not my favourite.

We follow a new perspective of Sophos the heir to the throne of Sounis, who has been kidnapped and forced to work as a slave in the households of one of the Baron’s of his country. He finds out the King has died and he is now the unwilling King of Sounis. Forced by a harsh civil war Sophos and the Magnus make their way to Attolia and his once good friend Gen to try and broker some form of an alliance.

I found the plot to be very up and down in pace. There were definitely some entertaining and engaging scenes but they were a little too sparse throughout the novel.

Sophos is a very likeable character. I found his arc to be quite enjoyable throughout the course of the storyline. I feel like he went through some very tough and harsh experiences in the book but he never really gave up or threw in the towel. He is very much committed to his country and the cessation of the war that has overtaken it.

The Magnus was a character that I enjoyed a lot in this story. He is fiercely loyal to Sophos and to Sounis and always has his back. He will lecture the king when necessary but always gives him good council and will let him make all the decisions in the end. He never tries to sway him one way or another he is quite impartial and takes his role seriously which made me like him more.

I was just a little lacking in ‘oomph’. There weren’t really any scenes that gave me any overwhelming emotional response. There were a few twists and turns thrown into the storyline but they were a bit too few and far between for my liking. It kind of just felt like the political side of the story took over and the adventure and schemes took a bit of a back seat. I was waiting for the bit major twist that was going to really shock me and have me engaged back into the plot but it just didn’t really happen for me.

It was still a solid book and I was entertained throughout the course of the story, but again it didn’t overwhelm me with feeling.

⭐️3/5 stars not bad but not my favourite in this series

The King of Attolia Review

untitledThis book was great!

Gen has managed to become the King of Attolia. Though he always maintained that he was in love with the queen and not the crown and he made his thoughts known throughout the Attolian court. Not paying attention during meeting, wandering around, acting indifferent towards the queen. Then he drags a young naïve guard into the middle of his political maneuverings. Cortis hates the king he is a staunch supporter of the Queen and feels like Eugenides has stolen the crown. Little does anyone know Gen is not someone to be trifled with and he will find a way to come out on top.

I loved the introduction of our new character Cortis. I like that he isn’t a fan of Gen and we slowly over the course of the storyline see his feelings and loyalties start to shift. I loved seeing the inner workings of the guards and attendants and how the interact with each other; the little ongoing rift between them added a nice spark to the storyline.  I thought Cortis was quite honourable and likable, he doesn’t just blindly accept rumors or speculation, even though he wants to. He sees what kind of person the King is and can’t help but grudgingly respect him.  

Gen was once again simply fantastic. I loved that we get to really see how he is portrayed through different perspectives. Because we don’t see his every move you can’t help but think something else might be going on. Nothing is really ever as it seems with Gen, he might make you think a certain way or give the impression of something but the truth is totally different. We get to see so many different sides to him in this book and he had me second guessing his character for a bit there but I knew that he had to have something up his sleeve. I like being surprised by him on a regular basis; it keeps me invested in the plot.

The whole premise and continuation of this storyline was fantastic. I think Megan Whalen Turner definitely went in the right direction and totally sets up the rest of the series beautifully. There are so many different directions the plot can go now that Gen has stepped up and finally become the true King of Attolia. Seeing all the little intricacies in his plans and how it all came together in the end was masterful. I honestly loved this book and I am very excited to continue on with this series very soon!

⭐️4/5 stars Political intrigue, plot twists and conspiracies!!! 

The Queen of Attolia Review

40158I was entertained from beginning to end!

The political intricacies and the unpredictability of Eugenides really kept me reading throughout the course of this book.

Having lost face after Eugenides stole Hamiathes Gift, the Queen of Attolia will stop at nothing to reassert her power and her reputation and finally capture and secure the slippery Queen’s Thief of Eddis.

This book was a rollercoaster from beginning to end. There were multiple twists and turns that I could not see coming and the eventual ending had me shook!

I loved the transformation of Eugenides from the first book to now. He has gone through so much in such a small amount of time and its nice to see that he doesn’t automatically pick himself up and is back to normal. It’s refreshing to see that he was affected by what happened to him and that he needed time and space to wrap his head around his injury and kind of reevaluate his life. All he really wanted to do was assist and to be of service to his Queen and now that he can’t in the same capacity as he once could he’s had to adapt and delegate.

I also really enjoyed the relationship between Queen Eddis and Eugenides. Having two main protagonists working closely together with no romantic overtones, just a genuine friendship full of honesty and compassion. We really get a sense of how much the Queen cares for Eugenides and the lengths she would go to protect him.

The Queen of Attolia is a character that I didn’t really like at the beginning especially after everything that happened with Eugenides. But after her story unfolded and we get more knowledge about her and how she has maintained her rule over Attolia, I found myself slowly beginning to thaw. I like that Megan Whalen Turner gave her a backstory and reasoning for her actions. I found her to be very multifaceted and quite an engaging character. She is callous and ruthless at times but not as cold-hearted as she makes out to be.

The plot progressed quickly and the world really opened up a lot more in this novel. Seeing the complexities of war and the shifting of allies and the weight of every decision really kept the stakes high. I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this book. There were regular twists and turns that occur throughout the storyline and having a romantic aspect that was expertly crafted to not be too cheesy or insta-lovey.

⭐️4/5 stars definitely need to pick up The King of Attolia to see what will happen next!

The Thief

IMG_2203My first ever blog post….😱

Sufficed to say I am very excited to start blogging all of my reading updates and thoughts and reviews on the various books I read. As well as throwing in any other events or situations I seem to find myself in that may prove amusing to share!

I just got a new book delivered in the mail yesterday… The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. I have heard many great things about this series and I am very excited to dive right in and give my honest thoughts and opinions when I come out on the other side!

Happy Reading!! 📚