🚀 Sci-Fi Favs 🚀

I’ve been slowly dipping my feet into the sci-fi genre and have really enjoyed what I have picked up so far. I’m mostly only read series at this stage, I haven’t really encountered many stand-alone’s that I have captured my attention enough for me to want to read, though there have been a few. I think there are definitely some sub-genre’s that won’t appeal to me but until I actually pick up a few and give them a try I will never know… I am definitely open to any recommendations!

Here are a few sci-fi books I have loved:

Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown


Impossible Times series by Mark Lawrence


Skyward series by Brandon Sanderson


Warcross Duology by Marie Lu


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


Morningstar Review


18966806Morningstar continues about 9 months after that cliffhanging ending to Golden Son. Darrow has been betrayed and captured by the Jackal and has had to face endless months of torture at his hands. It’s up to the Sons of Ares to find a way to rescue Darrow and continue on their mission to break the Gold’s society.

It’s official Darrow is now one of my favourite male protagonists ever! The amount of growth he has displayed over the course of the series was in full effect in this novel and we really see the consequences of his actions catch up with him. He has really sunk to the lowest of the low when we are brought back into the story and to see him claw his way back up to the top was inspiring. He really sets himself apart from the Golds in this book and he really shows that they haven’t influenced him as much as they think.

Mustang did come through for me. At the start I was still a little hesitant towards her character and I was just waiting for her to stab Darrow in the back like her brother did, but alas she pulled through for me. I was a little peeved that she was still testing Darrow but again in hindsight it all made sense. There is so many layers to her character and she really showcases her many strengths over the course of the series.

Roque broke my heart, I truly thought he was going to come back to Darrow or he was still on their side and was just a spy. I’m glad he wasn’t forgotten by the Sovereign and she did kind of avenge him in the end with Adrianna. Sevro was a consistently loyal, crazy character that you just can’t help but love and one that Darrow could always rely on. I’m glad we get to see him happy and in love! 

There were so many moments in this book that pulled on my heartstrings. Rangar in particular brought a tear to my eye. Pierce Brown really has no qualms about killing off key characters so I was constantly on the edge of my seat whilst reading this book. The pacing was consistently fast and they were always on the move looking for the next target. 

Now there is no other way for me to say this… but that twist at the end with Cassius was fucking brilliant! I in no way saw that coming, I mourned Sevro for that excruciating 10 minutes and I was absolutely stunned with the way that it played out! With that epic battle with Aja and Darrow finally killing the Sovereign and then not giving in to Adrius and pulling out his tongue… oh it was sweet, sweet victory. I loved Cassius in the first book and I am glad we get to see him redeem himself in the end. 

And if all of that wasn’t enough Pierce had to go and shock me again with Mustang. I had a feeling when she was sitting in the mess hall with Darrow’s family trading stories that something was going on, she just seemed a little too familiar. I honestly thought she was about to kill Darrow and start another war against the Reds but I was definitely surprised by what she presented to him. 

It was honestly one of the best series I have ever read and I am itching to reread the whole thing again just to experience this epic rollercoaster of a tale again!


Golden Son Review


18966819Golden Son is the second book in Red Rising series. It has been a couple of years since the end of the first book and Darrow is fully embedded in the Gold society, he faces difficult choices and the consequences of keeping everyone at arms length.

I was blown away by this book! There were times when I found a lot of the political intrigue and manoeuvrings were a little boring but the pace of the book was so fast that I didn’t really have time to dwell on those factors. There was so much action and scheming and a real in depth look at how those in power have so little empathy for anyone below them. 

I loved Darrow in this instalment of the series. He isn’t perfect by any means and makes plenty of mistakes, but he owns them and actively tries to correct/learn from them and continues to grow throughout the course of the plot. The way his mind is able to jump to conclusions so quickly and anticipate a lot of his enemies plans yet is still taken by surprise a lot of the time showing how much he still needs to learn was so entertaining to read.

I’m not quite sure about Mustang yet. Right from when she is reintroduced on Cassius’s arm didn’t sit right with me and even though she does a good job explaining her reasonings, the fact alone that she was with him makes me distrust her. I really wanted her to stay behind with Darrow in the mine and hear him out, especially after all they went through and her basically demanding that he let her in. I have a feeling she is going to play a key role in the next book and I want to see her redeem herself!

Finding out who Ares was did take me by surprise. I initially didn’t really think it fit, he just seemed a little too cavalier as a character before but after he explained his history to Darrow and how Sevro ties in definitely swayed me. I almost wished he played a bigger role in the story and we see more interaction between him and Darrow. 

This was absolutely epic. The war sequences and the rise of the different colours and how Darrow leads them all was simply fantastic. The stakes were at an all time high and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. We see Darrow really pushed to the edge of his limits and so far he has clawed his way back to the top each time and I am almost scared to see what will happen to him next!


Red Rising Review

23360729Earth is dying. Darrow is a Red, a miner living on Mars, extracting precious elements in order to make the planet hospitable for the rest of humanity. What Darrow doesn’t know is that Mars has been hospitable for generations now and his people the Red’s have been used as slaves, being exploited and worked to death by the Gold’s.

I loved everything about his book. The pacing was excellent, the world building was meticulous and the characters were fully developed and interesting. I am so mad at myself that I didn’t pick this series up sooner!

Darrow is a wonderful character. He is loyal to a fault and has done the unimaginable in order to free his people from their constraints. He goes through quite the transformation over the course of the storyline and I love that we see him fall quite spectacular and still rise again against all odds. I think he is well on his way to becoming one of my favourite male protagonists ever! His drive and ability to not take no for an answer and the way he uses his logic and cunning to overcome all of his obstacles, despite being a red at heart!

I never trusted Mustang. I knew she was too good to be true, especially considering the circumstances, but she pleasantly surprised me. Her secret definitely threw me and I honestly didn’t anticipate any of her actions. I thought the big twist at the end was that she was going to stab Darrow in the back, but the way things all worked out was just so much better than what I was expecting!

Usually long drawn out war sequences can get quite tiresome and boring for me but this really had me invested from the start. I love a good school setting in fantasy/sci-fi and the added twist of the war games really kept me entertained! We are right on the ground with Darrow and there really isn’t a whole lot of just sitting around talking and strategising, which can get a bit blah.

This was also a lot darker than I anticipated. There is a lot of gore and blood involved. I like that Pierce Brown didn’t shy away from killing characters off and displaying the bloodlust some of these characters have. It raises the stakes to another level and keeps the tension at an all time high.

⭐️5/5 This will have you on the edge of your seat!

Starsight Review

44320715._SY475_This was a great continuation to this series. Brandon Sanderson really took the foundations that he laid down in Skyward and continued to build depth and layers to the story that is just so entertaining and enthralling to read!

Spensa’s character remains quite consistent throughout most of the story until she has her epiphany moment towards the end of the book. She realises that she has judged some of these aliens based purely on her bias and minor interactions. I like that similar to the first novel she is able to reflect on her actions and accept when she has done something wrong and acknowledge her flaws and actively work towards shifting her perspective.

We don’t get a whole lot of Jorgen in this book, which made me a little sad, as he was one of my favourite characters. I think what little insight we gained from his experience with Gran Gran that leads him to a pretty astronomical discovery was still essential in terms of the overall plot line. I just wish we got a little more scenes between him and Spensa! That little taste at the start of the book wasn’t enough for me.

M-bot has definitely evolved in this book. I’m not sure I like the direction his particular plot line seems to be leading to. Hopefully he doesn’t fulfil all of those fears it seems his previous owners predicted might occur. All of the fail safes and programs written into his software prohibiting him from doing certain things seems reasonable to me and the fact that he’s even questioning those rules and asking Spensa is he is alive doesn’t bode well for me! I really like his character and I don’t want him turning into an antagonist.

The scope of the book is blown wide open in this instalment to the series. In Skyward even though Spensa is airborne they still pretty much revolve around what is happening on the ground. I like that we are given a completely different and foreign setting, but maintain a sense of continuity with the flight training Spensa has to undergo.

It boggles my mind how Brandon Sanderson is able to piece together such intricate storylines that still manages to surprise me at every turn. Characters and interactions that I dismissed as trivial and unimportant turn out to be vital to the continuation of the plot. You really need to pay attention to every little detail he puts in because somehow it will be revealed as a key piece of information that the whole story is revolving around.

⭐️4.5/5 stars This was absolutely fantastic 100% recommend!