✨Grishaverse Completion✨

I am so beyond excited to say that I have finally completed all of the Grishaverse. I have to acknowledge that this last duology was released at a time when my interest in the Grishaverse was waning a little bit and I think that might of had an impact on my reading experience. I think making myself reread the whole series was the only way that I would force myself to finally complete the King of Scars duology. Going to all the effort of reading the other five books and then not finishing it off wasn’t an option so I’m thankful I made myself do it. Had these books been released straight after the Six of Crows duology I think my overall thoughts and rating would be a lot higher however at this time in my life they were just ok. This last book in particular we are given so many answers to questions that were brought about from the original Grisha trilogy and I like the fact that everything has kind of circled back around but I also wanted something new and exciting. A lot of this book was still a lot of strategizing and not enough action, that last battle felt rushed and the way the book wrapped up wasn’t my favourite. There were definitely a few twists that I didn’t see coming and were surprising but they were just too far and few between for me. Overall this was a 2.5 to a 3 star but I think overall for the whole Grishaverse it is definitely a 4 star that I would highly recommend to any and everyone!