Audio Books? 🎧

To try and combat my slump I decided to give audio books another try. I’ve always figured that if I try to listen to an audio book whilst I’m doing something else that I wouldn’t actually concentrate on what is being said and miss key points of the book. Another qualm I have with audio books is that I can read the book so much faster with my eyes than what it would take to listen to the whole thing in 2x speed so I could just never justify spending so much time listening to one book. But hey I’m in the middle of a reading slump so listening to one book over the course of a couple days is better than no book at all.

I thought maybe an epic fantasy book would be the way to go as it would just be like listening to a fairy tale and when I thought of epic fantasy I may as well do to the top of the list with The Lord of the Rings. I read the trilogy over 5 years ago now and I found then that Tolkien’s prose is just really hard to process for me. It takes a lot to be able to break down what he is actually saying while I’m reading it physically and it took me so much longer to actually finish than what I would usually.

It took me about 4 days to complete The Fellowship of the Ring on audio but I highly enjoyed the experience! Even at 2x speed I was able to follow along perfectly fine being told the story than reading with my eyes and trying to comprehend. I’m hoping this book and my experience wasn’t a fluke and as I continue on listening to the rest of the series I can determine whether or not audio books are for me.