Big Little Lies Review

*A Bit Spoilery*

Big Little Lies is about a group of mums with kids starting kindergarten together and the dangerous little lies they tell themselves every day and what really goes on behind closed suburban doors.

I really enjoyed Madeline’s character probably the most out of all of them. She is just so relatable and is fiercely loyal to her friends and demonstrates that continually throughout the book. She knows she is rocking the boat most of the time and isn’t sticking to the status quo which makes her a very entertaining and unpredictable character. We get to know a lot about her relationship with her husband and kids and her ex-husband and his new family. I think she definitely had a right to her feelings and it was fun to see her get petty and hate on Bonny.

I knew that there was more to Jane’s story about Ziggy that we weren’t told, especially the reason behind the move to Perriwillee. She chose the town for a reason and that was always at the back of my mind when we are given more information about who the father of Ziggy is and what he did to her, I just didn’t quite connect the dots. I just wish we would of had a chance to delve more into the ramifications of what happened to her that night and how it has developed into her personality. Like Madeleine confides in her friends about what is happening with her and has her husband to vent to and Celeste goes to therapy but Jane gets a haircut and suddenly she’s fine??

I really feel for Celeste throughout the course of the book and what she has to endure. I can’t fathom how hard being in that kind of relationship would be and how she has to reason with herself as to why it’s happening and what she could of done to prevent it. I liked that she made the conscientious decision to go to therapy and try to gain that confidence to leave Perry and when it was revealed that it was affecting her kids she immediately made up her mind to go.

I really enjoyed the format of the book with the countdown to the trivia night. Knowing that one of these characters is now dead and trying to figure out who did it and who died really built up the anticipation. The mystery behind who was the school bully was intriguing and it was entertaining to see these mothers going around gossiping about their lives. This was definitely better than what I was expecting and it was nice to read a book with the setting here in Australia, I don’t get many of those.

⭐️4/5 stars Captivating and unexpected!