Favorite things to Eat/Drink Whilst Reading

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is your favorite things to eat/drink while your reading. I’m usually too in the zone to even think about eating or drinking, however, there are some occasions I find myself reaching for something while I’m reading so these are 5 of my favorite things I like to eat/drink!

watrer copyOf course you need to stay hydrated and water is really my go to drink at any moment of the day.

giphy (1)

coffee copyWhen I’m not drinking water the only other beverage I am usually consuming is coffee! I love making a fresh cup, sitting out in the sunshine and getting stuck into a good book!


dinere copyThere are times when I am too invested in a book that I don‘t like to put it down even when I’m having dinner.


popcorn copyI love snacking on popcorn when I’m reading!


chipds copyAnother snack I love to munch on when I’m in the middle of a good book.