🔱The Heroes of Olympus Series Reread🔱

12127750._SY475_This month I completed The Mark of Athena which is the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series and I have thoughts. I loved the fact that we are going back and forth between the different point of views. I think this was the first time in all off the books that we are given chapters from Annabeth’s perspective and I really enjoyed and appreciated hearing her thoughts and fears from her. This book really explored all of the different heroes and their own self perceived inadequacies, which I think is a great subject to explore in middle grade where a lot of the targeted readers might be struggling with. In terms of the plot I think this was quite a filler book where not a lot happened but also we are given a lot of answers to questions that have surfaced throughout the series. I highly enjoyed this book and I am super excited to continue on with the series, I honestly can’t really remember a lot of the details from the last two book so it’s going to a lot of fun to read!



Tome Topple Readathon TBR

I’ve had a lot of fun doing small little readathon’s throughout the last couple of months so when I seen that Thoughts from Tomes on Youtube was hosting another round of the Tome Topple I decided I had to participate. The Tome Topple Readathon will be taking place from midnight in your time zone on May 9th to 11:59pm in your time zone on May 22nd. I have seen this readathon floating around Booktube for a while now and I have quite a lot of big books on my TBR so I figure this was a great way to finally get around to reading  a few of them. I definitely won’t be completing all of these books but I am hoping I’ll be able to either become a Scholar or a Sage!


The tome that has been on your TBR the longest


A tome audiobook


Tome that’s part of a series


A standalone tome


Read 1 tome


A tome featuring a AAPI main character and/or written by a AAPI author (for Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month)


Tome from a genre you don’t usually read


The tome on your TBR with the most pages


An adult tome


🔱The Heroes of Olympus Series Reread🔱

12517455I just recently finished the second book in this series The Son of Neptune and I loved it! Granted there were a few instances where things worked out a little too easily for our demi-gods but overall I was highly entertained! I think what I really loved most about this book is that Percy is back. Though I did love how the first book showcased all new characters and then incorporated the older characters I just have always loved Percy and having his voice back as one of the main POVs just felt really nostalgic. This book once again follows Rick Riordan’s tried and true formula for these books, where we establish a goal, a quest is granted and somehow they make it back in time to stop something catastrophic happening. Some of the roman aspects of the camp were a little jarring but along with Percy we are able to find out all about their way of life and how it contrasts quite starkly with Camp Half Blood. This was a really great continuation of the story line and that ending has me itching to continue on with the series ASAP!!!


📚Physical TBR Update📚

I was going through my physical TBR over the weekend and I realised that I only had 13 books in my entire collection that I haven’t read yet. When I first got back into reading around 4 years ago I tapped into Booktube and literally bought every popular or hyped book that was being discussed. I also watched countless top ten favourite fantasy videos and bought a lot of books on those lists as well, until one day my collection had grown to over 300 books! For the last 2 years the number of unread books on my shelves has been between 30-40 books and I have somehow whittled it down to the last 13. I’m going to put this down to my library and forcing myself not to buy each and every book out there that is hyped and actually pick things I know for sure I am going to enjoy! I would really love to get the number down to 0 and maybe start rereading a few books/series in my collection that I haven’t read in years now, as well as picking up any new releases that interest me throughout the year!