📚 Library Book Haul 📚

I figured it was time to do my monthly Library Update/Haul. I didn’t get around to reading a lot of the books I loaned out last month so I decided to just return them all and come back to them at a later date and just start back off again with some fresh titles. I am super excited with this haul as all these books are mostly newer releases and some that are my most anticipated releases of the year! At this time I have already read A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik and loved it, see my review HERE. But I am definitely putting Addie LaRue at the top of my TBR for sure!

Library Update/Haul

I thought it was time to do another update about the books I’ve been borrowing and reading from my local library. Last month I tried to prioritise most of the books that I borrowed for my TBR as there were quite a large amount and there were a few that I was dying to read. Out of the 14 books I read in August seven of them were from the library so I would definitely count that as a success. When I returned all of those books there were a couple that I just had to grab as well. I’m trying not to borrow as many books as I have been previously as I do want to try and get my owned TBR down to single figures!



Library Haul/Update

I’ve definitely still been perusing my local library over the last month since I’ve updated. Unfortunately I haven’t really been keeping up with actually reading all of the books before my loan term is over.. I am really going to try and get stuck into them after this week. My reading is a little preoccupied at the moment with the Reading Rush I am currently participating in, but I still want to try and prioritise a couple of these books before the end of the month, wish me luck!happy-reading


📚 Library Haul 📚

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on what I’ve borrowed from the library so I figure today was the day! My local library only just reopened a couple of weeks ago after being closed for 2 months due to covid, so I went straight in and borrowed some fresh books to read! I’m trying to catch up and get into some of the cult favourite fantasy books that have been out and beloved for ages now and my library actually holds a lot of these books which works out perfectly for me!



Library Books Update

IMG_4391I’ve started to cut down a little on how many books I loan out at any one time. From my last update I had around 5/6 books loaned out and by the time they expired I had only prioritised and read 2. I feel a little guilty borrowing these books for weeks and weeks at a time and then renewing them for another couple of weeks because they had run out and I still hadn’t read them. Borrowing them and having them sit in my room staring at me while I read other books was making me a little anxious, so I’ve made a limit for myself to only borrow 2-3 books at a time now! Currently have two relatively new books that I have seen around everywhere but wasn’t invested enough to actually buy them, Recursion by Blake Crouch and The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary. I did manage to finish The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers but it wasn’t a favourite of mine unfortunately, so I am hoping I end up loving these two when I get around to picking them up!

Happy Reading📚