The Black Prism Review


515zOsxnpQL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The Black Prism is a multi-perspective epic fantasy novel revolving around this holy figure in this world called the Prism. He just found out that he has fathered a child 15 years ago and now must shield him from those who wish to cause him harm.

Gavin is such an interesting, multi-faceted character that just kept surprising me at every turn! He is definitely more of a morally grey character who is striving to atone for what he thinks are the sins of his past. Giving himself the seven great tasks he wants to accomplish before he looses his powers. He isn’t afraid to do what he thinks is right for the greater good of the Chromeria whilst still maintaining a kind of neutrality and level of separation from all of their rules and regulations. That twist of the stolen identities definitely surprised me, I was thinking whilst reading during their interaction, what if Dazen beat Gavin and then two minutes later what do you know. It was a fantastic revelation and set up perfectly for the reader. 

Kip didn’t really capture my attention at all for the first half or so of the book. Of course I knew he was going to be integral to the story and would somehow end up making an impact later on, but it took a little while for him to get there. There is quite an emphasis put on his weight and the fact that he is a bit of a coward, but I’m glad that we see some growth from his character over the course of the plot, having to make some decisions and take action where he would of previously ran and hid. 

This was the perfect amount of world building and introduction of all the characters and their backstories without being overwhelming. Granted at the start as I am with most epic/high fantasy I read I am a little lost, but I established myself pretty quickly into this world and was invested almost instantaneously with the characters. The magic system was unique and interesting and had just enough information to keep me engaged yet eager to know more. 

I loved my experience reading this book and I cannot wait to binge the rest of the series and see how the world progresses and the action intensifies!!

⭐️5/5 stars Why did I wait so long???

The Hobbit Review

Adobe Photoshop PDFI mean this book is pretty well known but if you haven’t heard it’s about a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who enjoys a comfortable and quiet life. His contentment is disturbed one day when a wizard named Gandalf and a bunch of dwarves arrive on his doorstep to take him away on an adventure.

I was just in the mood for a stand-a-lone fantasy that I would be able to loose myself in and as I was perusing my shelves I realized I haven’t actually read The Hobbit. I dove straight in and found it a little bit difficult to comprehend at first. There is just something about J.R.R Tolkien’s writing that makes it difficult for me to stay focused, which was similar to my experience reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as well. After about the first 100 pages or so I was more familiar with his style and I was able to focus on the actual plot.

Bilbo started off quite a bit blustery and rigid. He definitely goes through a transformation over the course of the plot and we see him become a lot more forward and direct. At time he can be very selfish and I grew weary of him dwelling on his homesickness but it doesn’t stop him from moving forward.

I really wish we would have followed Gandalf and his journey in banishing the necromancer with the rest of the wizarding council. He is such an interesting character that is always weaving in and out of the story and I really would of loved a few chapters from his perspective exclusively.

All of the dwarves were interesting though none really had any depth. I found J.R.R Tolkien never really gave any of his characters other than Bilbo much substance. Their own personal history and personalities are quite shallow. I would of been a lot more invested if we are given a more in depth look into their characters and how they distinguish from each other.

The overall plot was very entertaining and interesting. There is definitely more of a focus on the world building and the establishment of the different creatures that live in Middle Earth as opposed to any character development in my opinion. There were times that the story felt a little rushed but it was exactly what I expected and needed to read at this time!

⭐️3/5 stars Enchanting, adventurous, classic!

The Priory of the Orange Tree Review

91DIYtTpRnLThis was epic!!!

This is the first ever novel I read of Samantha Shannon and oh my goodness it was amazing. The world is wonderfully rich and developed, the magic system is complex and highly original and the plot was suspenseful and riveting!

We follow multiple perspectives throughout this book and at first that kind of had me a little confused. There is a lot of information given right from the start and like most epic novels it takes me a while to get situated into the story. But once I had a grasp of the characters and a general scope of the premise I was hooked!

This world was once ravaged and nearly decimated by a war that was lead by a fierce dragon called the nameless one. A thousand years ago he was defeated by a saint that the kingdom now revere and his direct descendant is Queen Sabran who is ruler over this land. Ead has been charged by the Priory of the Orange Tree a sacred sect of mages to guard Queen Sabran and keep her safe.

I love that this book really centers around three totally different but complex and distinct female characters. Ead is wonderful. She is so stubborn yet staunch in her beliefs and I like that she will not cower from her duties. She will rebut and argue her point and she will always do what is necessary. Queen Sabran I didn’t really enjoy at the start of the book. I thought she was a little too pious and naïve but she really grew on me as the story progressed. I thought she handled the responsibility and obligation to her people very well. She had a lot of harsh blows dealt to her throughout the course of the book yet she remained firm and strong. I was curious about Tane and how she would fit in to the story as I continued to read. I couldn’t tell how she would connect back and make a mark on the plot but she definitely surprised me in the end. As one of the main perspectives in the book I knew she would have to make some form of impact but her storyline started out so small and kind of insignificant that I didn’t see anything coming! I love that we really see her hit rock bottom but continue to fight and strive to right her wrongs and gain some form of atonement for her actions.

Being over eight hundred pages there is a lot of action and twist that take place. The story wove together beautifully and I honestly could not predict what was going to happen next. This was a very plot heavy and character driven story that really excelled in capturing the harsh reality of the situation. The stakes were incredibly high and the anticipation kept building.

I really enjoyed this read, high/epic fantasy is without a doubt my favourite genre and this book ticked all the boxes for me!

⭐️4.5/5 Dragons, destinies and drama!!!

5 Fantasy Series I Want to Start in 2019

These are 5 series that I have had on my TBR for the longest time now and I definitely want to try to get to them this year. I love epic/high fantasy series that span multiple books and I think these books are everything that I love to read so I’m hoping I’m potentially finding some new all-time favourites!

The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima


The Falling Kingdom Series by Morgan Rhodes


The Witchlands Series by Susan Dennard


The Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks


The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb



IMG_2126I am such a huge fan of the Stormlight Archives. I started with Words of Radiance earlier this year and I have honestly not looked back! I wasn’t the biggest fan of Edgedancer which I read a few months ago but I have a feeling that Lift is definitely going to be a stronger protagonist in this instalment. I am definitely more of a high/epic fantasy reader and this series just encompasses everything that I love about the genre. A plethora of characters that interweave throughout the plot, a magic system that is well defined and original and a world that is huge and very well developed. Brandon Sanderson is an amazing writer and I am low key sad that I won’t get another book in this series for a few years. There is still so many of his books that I haven’t read though so I will definitely be keeping myself busy in the meantime.

Happy Reading📚