Save the Date Review

81Ilto+efPLThis was good!

This book follows the story of Charlie Grant a 17 year old girl in the middle of a transitional period of her life. Her 4 siblings have all grown up and moved away and she is about to graduate and go off to college, she doesn’t know which one yet. For the first time in what feels like forever all of family are back in their home for their sister Linnie’s wedding.

This was a cute, fun very quick easy read for me and it was very engaging. I like the fact that the storyline happens over the course of just three days. It goes into the minute details of everyday life that sometimes gets overlooked in regular novels, but I actually really enjoyed it!

The book started off pretty simple in concept but as the plot progressed it started to get more convoluted and complicated. There was a lot happening behind the scenes in this family that from just face value you would never know.

I thought Charlie was very naïve and kind of refused to see the bad side of any of her family. I like that we see her kind of grow and come to accept that change is definitely going to be inevitable and she realized that maybe her family aren’t all that they are perceived from Grant Central Station. I’m definitely glad that Charlie could see how badly her family treated Brooke as well. She mentions it various times throughout the story that it was fine that they were leaving her out and not including her or disregarding her feelings. I also thought she was a little too judgmental about the whole situation with Mark. She really didn’t take his feelings into consideration at all and I thought she was pretty dismissive overall about him which when we found out about the actual situation I thought his actions were quite justified, just maybe not to the extent that he took it. 

I definitely enjoyed my reading experience and as the book progressed it delved a lot deeper into a lot of familial drama but overall it was a little too predictable and didn’t really blow me away at the end of the book. 

⭐️3/5 Entertaining, family drama!

5 Fantasy Series I Want to Start Update

I did a post back in January about 5 Fantasy Series that I wanted to start in 2019 and since we are already in May I thought I would do an update of what I’ve started/finished/not even touched yet!

The five series were:

The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima – I completed this series this month actually! I absolutely LOVED these books, I think Cinda Williams Chima is a fantastic fantasy author and I will definitely be continuing on with the Shattered Realms series very soon!The-Seven-Realms-Series copy

The Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes – I only currently own Falling Kingdoms and Gathering Darkness. I don’t like to start a series unless I have access to all of the books, so I haven’t had a chance to pick these books up yet.tumblr_o4hpav2jRC1tgcknno1_1280 copy

The Witchlands Series by Susan Dennard – I have completed all of the books that are currently out at the moment. I have been loving this series so far! Iseult and Safi are amazing characters and the plot is getting progressively better with each book!Picture1 copy

The Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks – I own all of these books but I feel I haven’t prioritized this series because I think I’m not as excited to read it as much as the other series in this list. I will probably get started later on in the year!Screen-Shot-2018-08-02-at-9_16_40-AM copy

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb – I also currently own all of the books in this trilogy I just haven’t picked up them up yet! *Spoiler* Assassin’s Apprentice will be on my TBR next month so no doubt I will be completing this trilogy very soon!asssason copy

So far in the last 5 months I have completed 2 out of the 5 series I wanted to read this year. That is a total of 8 out of the 20 books that make up these series. I think I am on track to hopefully finish all of these series by the end of the year; I originally only wanted to get started on these books so I am quietly confident I will have least read at least 1-2 of the books from the other three series before the end of 2019! 

Red Sister Review

51oBuBFqgHLPerfection, I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!

Nona was saved by the High Priestess Glass just as she was about to be hanged. Falsely accused of murder Nona is sought after by some powerful enemies. The Priestess sweeps her away to the Convent of Sweet Mercy where all their novices are raised to become lethal killers.

The premise of this book is everything that I love about fantasy to be honest. The school setting was wonderful, all of the different classes that Nona has to attend surrounded by the other novices. Even the different bells and their meaning were interesting and utilised throughout the course of the book.

I really liked Nona; she is such an interesting character. Super loyal to all of her friends and isn’t afraid to speak up in their defense or even sacrifice herself to save them from any harm. She has a lot of secrets and I like that we aren’t made aware of some of the more significant ones til the end of the book. I like that her ignorance was kind of used as a way to be able to explain everything in a lot more detail letting the reader absorb all the knowledge slowly. Being that a majority of the characters are very young only 9-11 they are really discovering themselves as the plot progresses.

The story is incredibly rich with magical lore and also political machinations. The whole trial that the High Priestess Glass and Nona had to endure and the eventual reasoning’s behind it really took me by surprise. I was stunned that Glass put everything in place and saved Nona just on the off chance that this would occur, putting herself and Nona in danger. Her cunning and intellect really engaged me and I was deeply invested in the plot after that!

The way that the story shifts and the revelations really start to come out was so well done, multiple layers of plot lines with different characters with different intentions. Convoluted fantasy books with a multitude of characters and magical elements are my favourite books of all time and this really blew me away!

⭐️5/5 High stakes, magical, bad ass fighting nuns, I am IN!

📚 Book vs. Movie 🎥

I have this recurring series on my blog where I compare books to their TV/Movie adaptations and this month my post aligns with this week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt.

I decided to go with Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and its movie adaptation Twilight. I read the Twilight series for the first time right when Twilight came out back in 2006 and yes I will freely admit I was a hard stan for the book series, the movies however….

These were my thoughts on Twilight:

Pros: The book was very entertaining. I remember the first time I read it when I was around 13/14 I was enraptured. The premise, the storyline, the characters everything appealed to me and I was IN! I like that the movie sticks to the original plotline, and honestly that’s about it.

Cons: I mean the writing isn’t the greatest however, you can sort of lose yourself in the story so I kind of overlook it purely for the entertainment value. Bella kind of got on my nerves as well, always talking about how she is so plain and clumsy and doesn’t think she’s attractive whatsoever, but all the boys in her year all have a crush on her. Is she really that oblivious? With the movie I honestly can’t stand Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I thought Robert just wasn’t attractive enough to be Edward, he wasn’t at all how I pictured him in my mind. With Kristen I just thought she was a horrible actress, I couldn’t take her seriously at all. So that really blew my whole experience with all of the movies!

Overall thoughts: When I was a teenager I absolutely loved this series with a passion and that whole nostalgia I have surrounding it has left a soft spot in my heart for the books. With the movies I think I stopped after New Moon, I couldn’t take it seriously and I thought a lot of the acting was subpar…

My Recommendation: 100% would recommend the books over the movies.


Sea Witch Review

51M7GL6bTZL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Sea Witch is an origin story about Ursula from the Little Mermaid, told kind of in the traditional Hans Christian Anderson style with a bit of a modern twist.

Ever since her best friend Anna drowned Evie has been shunned as an outcast in her small fisherman’s village. Whispers follow her everywhere she goes accused of being a witch for ensnaring the heart of the crown Prince who happens to be her other best friend. One day a young woman who looks eerily like Anna approaches Evie and she can’t help but think that her friend has come back from the dead!

At times the pacing of the book was just a little off for me. There wasn’t really anything driving the plot forward in the first half of the book and it dragged a little bit for me. The second half did really pick up though and I really enjoyed trying to figure out who to trust and what was going to happen next.

I must be getting a bit cynical as I grow older because I found Evie to be super naïve at times and it kind of drove me crazy, I mean she chose to completely trusted Annamette when she knows absolutely nothing about her other than the fact that she looks like Anna. All of the legends and lore of the town say that mermaids aren’t to be trusted and even her aunt tried to talk Evie out of whatever she was doing. Iker started to see holes in Annamette’s story and tried to get more information out of her but Evie was so blinded that she overlooked all of it.

Other than that I found the premise of the book really original and kind of a throwback. It read like one of the old Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales and given the nature of the storyline I thought it suited the book perfectly. The characters and the setting was established very well and the twists and turns in the second half of the book kept me engaged and eager to read on!

⭐️3.5/5 stars Never thought I would be feeling empathetic for one of Disney’s most iconic villains!