✨Grishaverse Reread✨

I found myself getting annoyed throughout this reread of Siege and Storm. I think I remember this middle book being my least favourite out of the three but I had to kind of like pull my teeth to finish. Even though this was a relatively quick read it felt like the middle section where it was just a lot of the preparing for the inevitable war with the Darkling felt like it was going on forever. Nothing was really happening other than the ongoing miscommunication between Mal and Alina. If there’s one thing I hate the most when conflict comes up between love interests its miscommunication because its honestly the easiest to fix. I was very much on Mal’s side for the majority of the read and his justifications for why he was pushing Alina away made sense (though the drinking and hooking up with the girl Alina can’t stand wasn’t great). I am not that big a fan of Nikolai though, he felt pretentious to me. He used Alina for his own narrative in claiming the throne, even though he may be the right person for it. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just be friends with Alina, why did he have to take it to that level when he knew she was struggling with her feelings for Mal. Overall wasn’t my favourite, still felt nostalgic to me though and I appreciated my reread for sure!

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