✨Witchlands Series Reread✨

I am so very behind on my reread of this series but I have just completed the first book Truthwitch today which is actually the release day for Witchshadow coincidentally. I was supposed to have already finished and reread the series so I can pick up Witchshadow straight away but alas that did not occur. I did however, have such a fun time being back in this world and reunited with Iseult and Safi again. Similar to my first reading experience with this book it just jumps straight into the action and it takes me a little while to be accustomed to the writing style. I love the build up of the world and learning about the different realms and the truce. The differences between the different nations and how delicate the peace truce is and just how everyone is waiting for it to dissolve. There are a lot of characters and titles thrown at us as well which again took me a while to wrap my head around again as it’s been a while since I read this series. I highly enjoyed my reread though and I am definitely going to try and continue on with Windwitch as soon as possible!

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